Realistic wall panels made in resin and fiber

Natural Inspiration

Our TOTALStone, TOTALDesign, TOTALWood and OLDStones wall panels are now more than 20 years old in several markets around the world, being installed in all kinds of projects. Inside or outside, on ceilings or vaults, creating objects, covering impossible structures and even in underwater decorations creating waterfalls or fountains.

Our decorative panels acquire their micronized stone powder color and embedded in the mold, so that it lasts on the panel for years, UV rays affects the same that would affect a real stone or brick facade since it is the same component that we use to color our panels.

Panels that are NOT stone

The panels are made of polyester resin reinforced with thin layers of fiberglass, the resin used in our decorative panels is ecological, DCDP, which avoids any smell and is more flexible. Fiberglass gives resistance to the panel.

The biggest advantage is its easy installation. Directly bolted, for the most part, allows us to work directly by holding them to the wall, without the need to prepare the surface beforehand or create structures.

In KA Coverings we provide all kinds of information for its installation, which can virtually be done by anyone with desire and very little time, the great objective is to hide the unions, for this we always attach with our panels the necessary material as well as the stone dust used in the Panel that you will receive.

We forget about any moisture damage, repainting or periodic maintenance of the installation, so only cleaning if necessary, which can be directly pressurized water, without using special products.

Our experience with this type of decorative panels has led us to manufacture much more natural panels, using at least 3 different color tones, to achieve a perfect visual effect.