Our company wall covering and beams


KA Coverings born with the conviction to offer solutions to decoration and rehabilitation, manufacturing and distributing different wall claddings that reproduces natural elements. We offer a solution with a fast, easy and clean installation. Wall coverings that be adapted to many different surfaces, environments and temperatures, with a high quality material and a long expertise and warranty.


Our most important goal is to be able to create and reproduce everything what natures brings us, and show it in our wall panels. Our main innovation and work is to give to the panels diverse tonalities, while trying to match the vast range of sand of any rock or stone. This big work makes us achieve a spectacular visual effect, providing the realistic look that all our products have.


Our panels are manufactured in eco resin, polyester based DCPD – non smelling – reinforced with glass fibre. Adding micronized stone powder to obtain that diversity of tones in our stones, slates, bricks, lajas, etc.Material allows us to work with big size panels, light and flexibles. With a perfect detail on each of our textures, so for a brilliant visual effect with an easy and a very fast installation.


We are present in more than 100 countries, working in different projects and through an extense distributor network that shares our same philosophy, to create unthinkable decorations an rehabilitations on any unimaginable environments.


We strongly believe in moderate the consume of natural materials, also in the reduction of energetic global consumption in any of our facilities. Our R+D department has the important goal to find, test and develop new materials that improves our environmental impact, our final mission is keep working in the future of our planet, as an important player in the use of its resources we have the comidment to keep thinking in our planet future.